2019 EMLO Main Event

Canada Vs USA

September 28th 2019, ushered in EMLO’s spectacular main event, Canada vs the USA. Eggerton Marcus –  was designated the Canadian Coach and John “Iceman” Scully Represented the American team. 

The event presented 11 Amateur bouts of the highest calibre fighters. Many Canadian National Champions were matched with their counterparts from the United States. 

In speaking with many attendees, EMLO was pleased to hear that everyone had a spectacular time. The venue was conducive for creating an atmosphere of excitement as well as ease of viewing from any angle each of the bouts. The Announcers and the sound system including dynamics of the venue allowed everyone to not only hear and see the excitement but actually feel it. 

The EMLO Organization has many people to thank for the success of this event. Leading the group are Joey Melo (Eddie Melo’s Brother) and Jessie Melo (Eddie Melo’s Daughter) for dedicating numerous hours towards ensuring that every facet of planning was completed in order for the event to run flawlessly. Special thanks are extended Richard Souce the Matchmaker for the event for his hard work in matching fighters for each bout which helped contribute to making each of the fights truly exciting. Thanks to Luigi Calomeni and Michael Semczyszyn for their dedication and commitment to the EMLO Organization.  Mr. Chuck Platten assisted in organizing the security and many different aspects of promotion for this event. It is very important to state that the idea of “Canada vs USA” was first propsed by Mark Simmons” which everyone in the Organization thought to be amazing. Mark is a very important player in the EMLO Organization and his contributions have helped everything that we do “Shine”.  Joining us this year was Alistair who played a integral part in promoting the meet and greet and highting awareness to the event by reaching out to various community organizations including the Mayor of Mississauga – Bonnie Crombie. Alistar has helped raise the professionalism of the organization several notches. Thanks to Tyson “Melo” for providing support and encouragement to Jessie in those times where she was overwhelmed with all the work in the planning of the event.  HUF’s gym also played an important role in helping to promote, they provided their facilities for the meet and greet as well as a dynamic fighter Faith Rego who trilled the crowd. Thanks go out to Theresa, Olga, Andrew and Jonathan. Apart from each of the bouts, a draw to the event was the family of boxing individuals who came out to support us. We’d like to thank Joe Cortez, Iran Barkley, Junior Jones, Rigo Alvarez, Dominic FIlagni, Billy Irwin, Brian Macke, Scotty Olsen, Tyson “Melo”, Mark Smitters, Brandon Cook, Mike Strange, Tomas Nelson, Jorge Zayas and Dave Sieve (Live stream), Mercedes Vasquez Simmons,, Jill Diamond and Marcio Sulaiman (For the WBC Support) also to ICE AGE GLACIAL WATER FOR BEING THE EXCLUSIVE WATER SPONSOR OF TEAM EMLO.

for all those who thought this was amateur fights, presented at a professional level, wait and see what next year has to offer. It will be bigger and better than anything we’ve done.