This year March 12-20 2019, five TEAM EMLO boxers and Head Coach Tony Wallace were invited by the President of the WBC Mauricio Sulaiman and chair of WBC Cares Jill Diamond, to train in Mexico City at the CNAR Conade. The team consisted of Johnny Said, John-Michael Bianco, Deedra Chestnut, Triston Brookes and Justin Parinas. During this time they trained at the world renowned facility under Coach Alonso Lopez Finito Jr and the rest of his knowledgeable team. There were also a few familiar faces that represented Mexico, in Vancouver BC, Canada back in September 2018. It was a wonderful opportunity for these athletes to re connect and train together in Mexico City.

The CNAR is the same facility that the Mexican team trains at. It offers full time integral services to athletes, through facilities, materials and equipment. As well as economic and human resources of the highest technical, scientific, technological and pedagogical level, as to achieve optimal preparation in order gain internationally competitive results.

The CNAR also offers an exceptional meal program that is tailored by expert nutritionists. As well as great accommodations that house both athletes and coaches so they can rest properly on site. Their medical department is also top notch giving athletes access to doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists, laboratories, Morphofunctional evaluations, a Biomechanics Laboratory which includes; cardiovascular physiology, gasometry (Acid-basic balance) and biomechanics and movement analysis.

It was such an incredible opportunity for our athletes to be asked to join this training camp and train under the CNAR coaching team, as well to experience this type of world class facility. We are grateful for the hospitality, kindness and generosity exhibited by all involved. We would also like to thank Ernesto De Saro, Hector Garcia Antonio, Michael Salomon, Jill Diamond, Mauricio Sulaiman and everyone else that welcomed TEAM EMLO with open arms and gave this group of boxers memories and experiences to last a life time.