Eddie Melo lived his life dedicated to the sport of boxing. It was part of his life. His day to day routines were governed by shaping and molding himself into the ultimate warrior. He would often sacrifice day to day distractions such as indulging in rich foods, partying late evenings with his friends or even slacking when his body was fatigued. Most of his time Eddie could be found at Sully’s Boxing Gym training. It was this dedication that allowed him to develop phenomenal boxing skills, and ultimately led him to become the well-renowned champion that he was. The lessons learned in the boxing club pertained not only to the physical skills of boxing but to the values that shaped and molded Eddie as a man. The gym gave him, as it would give any athlete, physical strength and stamina, but it was the values of Earl Sully Sullivan that shaped Eddie and many of the fighters from his gym to become the inspiration that would lead others to follow in their footstep.


A legend is someone that inspires, and truly Eddie was such an individual. Not only in the ring but outside the ring. As a fighter he had grace in victory and acceptance in defeat. As a son, a brother, a father and as a friend, Eddie upheld the values of loyalty, honesty, trust and above all love. Even in death his legacy can never be destroyed. Eddie may not be with us physically but it his spirit that still inspires and drives many to try and improve the condition of young boys and girls struggling to overcome hardships. One of the principles of the boxing club was to provide a safe environment for young boys and girls. Eddie never forgot this very important principle. He passed it on to his family members, especially his children and they have now assumed the mantle that unfortunately that he is not here to pursue himself. It was from this man, that the spirit for the creation of the Eddie Melo Legacy Organization was born.