Meet the team

Deedra Arvella Chestnut 

Nickname: Ms. Lioness

Why did you get into boxing:

I can practically say I was born into the sport of boxing.  My father was a very passionate amateur boxer. Just a few months old I would be with my mom supporting my dad at his fights. Eventually my father’s trainer got very ill and passed away. That’s when my father took over the boxing gym. As kids my siblings and I spent a lot of time at the gym. Both my mother and father ran the gym. So it was only a matter of time that my competitive spirit gave boxing a try and discovered my real passion for boxing. A passion I never even knew I had. 

What have you achieved through boxing so far:

I’ve been the first of many. 

  • 1st female Canadian Junior National Canadian Champion from London, Ontario 
  • 1st female youth Canadian National Champion from London, Ontario 
  • 2X senior Canadian National Champion 
  • 2019 Sierra Leone National Champion 
  • Sierra Leone’s first Female National Boxer 
  • Over 15 Tournament championships Titles 

What are your thoughts about being a part of Team EMLO:

One thing a thrive to do is be the best version of myself at all times both in and out of the ring. Being apart of the EMLO Team has played a massive part and has only helped elevate me. I truly believe in order to better yourself you must better those around you, those you cross paths with. EMLO stand for the importance of community, and the youth. I am personally honoured to be apart of the EMLO team we jointly have the same morals and values, and want nothing more than to bring positivity does those whom may have opportunities, like myself. Thanks to EMLO I’m able to be involved with the community and youth more in depth with the right guidance. 

What are your ultimate goals:

Right now ultimate goal is to win the Olympics, and the World Championships. I would like to become a global household name. To motivate and inspire youth to follow their dreams. To show the youth that you can make anything happen if you have the will. 

3 unknown fun facts about yourself:

  • I absolutely love to travel. I embrace diversity, learning about new cultures. 
  • I am Indigenous 
  • I speak French 

Spencer Wilcox 

60KG Canadian National Champion 2019

How did you get into boxing?

I got into boxing cause I was born into the sport, it’s a family tradition. 


 What are your achievements in boxing?

I am 4 x national champ, youth Olympian, intercontinental finalist, 2019 Algarve PortimaoBox Cup Champ, 2019 Haringey Cup Champ 


What does being a part of TEAM EMLO mean to you?

Team EMLO is exactly what the sport of boxing needs, it’s an organization full of great people giving kids a shot at trying to make dreams a reality. Which is why it’s an honour to represent the organization.


What are your goals with boxing?

One goal in boxing, I only have one vision, and that’s Olympic gold


3 Unknown facts about you: 

1) I’m a huge watch collector/fan

2) I love bike riding

3) I always make sure I’m playing another sport to have fun and get stress relief from boxing




Triston Brookes 75 Kg

 How did you get into boxing?

 As a youth i was a very active, I played a lot of sports such as football, basketball, and track and field. The passion for these sports were there, but the passion for fighting/boxing was always #1 so I was always drawn to the idea, looking up to people guys like Sugar Ray Leonard and Jon Jones.

 What are your achievements in boxing so far?

 I have been boxing for 7 years and have accomplished 

 2014 silver glove champion 

2014 united golden glove champion 

2015 silver glove finalists 

2015 golden glove finalists 

2016 imperium cup champion 

2017 international Brampton cup Champion 

2017 Canadian national champion 

2017 golden glove finalists 

2018 Puerto Rican, Vieques International cup Champion

2019 golden glove finalist 

2019 silver glove finalist 

2019 Portugal 3rd Algarve Portimao Box Cup Champion

2019 Canadian nationals champion


What does being a part of TEAM EMLO mean to you?


I’m very proud to be representing the Eddie Melo Legacy Organization , we are a non for profit organization that’s helps with at risk youth through boxing and helps support young developing boxers reach their goals at home and around the globe. This is personally something that interested me most because I was once an at risk youth. An athlete by the name of Jonthan Hood who once played for the Toronto Argonauts came to our school and showed me a better path and helped me believe in my capabilities, and I believe i can do the same.


What are your goals with boxing?


My big goal is to represent my country on the biggest stage of them all. That being the Olympics with my coach Tony Wallace, who’s been training me and sacrificing just as much as I have to get to where we are today. None of this could be possible without the loyalty and respect, hard work and dedication.


3 Unknown facts about you:


I’m a full time dry waller 

I wanna be in action films  

My last meal would be wings every wing different flavours


John-Michael Bianco 

Nickname: JM 

Why did you get into boxing: 

I got into because of my uncle Jerome. He was an amateur boxer then turned pro later on and I had always looked up to him when I was younger. He inspired me when I was a kid and later on I decided to follow on those footsteps. 

What have you achieved through boxing so far: 

I have won multiple local, provincial, national, international fights and tournaments. I am a 2x Golden Gloves Champion and State of America Games Gold medalist and currently ranked #2 in Canada at light heavyweight. 

What are your thoughts about being a part of Team EMLO: 

I think that being apart of team EMLO is not a right but it is a privelage. Team EMLO has already made an impact on youth and amateur boxing. I firmly believe that we will keep on inspiring youth and spreading what team EMLO has to offer to amateur boxing and the world. At the same time I love having the opportunity to travel the world with team EMLO while meeting different people, learning new cultures and seeing amazing places. 

What are your ultimate goals: 

My ultimate as an boxer/athlete is to win the Canadian Nationals in 2020. Then soon after to turn professional and eventually become a world champion. 

3 unknown fun facts about yourself:

1- I never ate a single vegetable until I was 20. 

2-  I have a celebrity crush on Ariana Grande and even been to one of her concerts 

3.  I have an addiction to peanut butter and sometimes I go through 1kg of a jar in a week.

John Said
Nickname: Johnny
Why did you get into boxing:
  • I got into boxing because of my father. He pushed me to play a lot of sports and when he put me into boxing I fell in love with it immediately and I knew that this was the sport for me.
What have you achieved through your boxing so far:
  • 2016 Canadian national champion
  • Represented Canada against Puerto Rico and America, won against both
  • Competed and won the first annual vieques amateur boxing invitational in Puerto Rico
  • Received silver at the Algarve portimao box cup
What are your thoughts about being apart of Team EMLO:
  • We have a hard working team that pushes each other to achieve greatness. Also the best group of people that support us no matter what. For me I feel this is not just a team, but more like a family because of how including this group is
What are your ultimate goal:
  • my ultimate goal is to one day represent Canada in the Olympics. This has been a goal for me for many years and I feel like because of Team EMLO I am closer to this goal of mine
3 unknown fun fact about me:
  • I am a black belt in taekwondo
  • In 2012 I was on team Ontario for kickboxing
  • I play basketball
Name: Nikita Abbott
Nickname: Sniper
Why did I get into boxing: My older brother used to box, and at 9 years old he got me to come to the club to try the workouts, and I just stuck with it. 
What I have achieved through boxing so far: I have achieved going to Nationals 3x (each year I’ve fought). 1st time being with only 7 fights under my belt- won a bronze medal. I have achieved fighting in 3 different weight categories (81+, 75, and now 69). 
2016 achievements:
Gold at the Ontario Summer Games
Gold at Golden Gloves
2017 achievements:
Gold at Brampton Cup
Bronze at Nationals
Silver at Bronze Gloves 
Silver at Golden Gloves
2018 Achievements: 
Silver at Bronze Gloves 
Gold at Silver Gloves
Silver at Golden Gloves 
2019 Achievements:
Gold at Brampton Cup 
My thoughts on being a part of team EMLO: I am very excited about being a part of team EMLO, to get to experience new things such as travelling to Barbados and also fighting September 28th at the CNE; Fighting some of the best boxers in front of some amazing spectators and coaches. They are doing a great thing, helping and inspiring at risk youth and I am very happy to be apart of it! I also get to witness and be a part of things a lot of other boxers don’t get the chance to, and that means a lot, and is a huge driving factor to being the best boxer I can be. 
My ultimate goals: My ultimate goals as a boxer is to be happy. Whether its in the amateurs or pros, I want to continue to grow, to influence, and do what is best for me. I want to always be a part of this sport that has shaped me into the person, the woman I am today. 
3 unknown fun facts about myself: 
1- I graduated college with a Business diploma and am working towards becoming a special constable at Laurier University 
2- Quarter Mexican 
3- Horrible at ice skating 
Name: Justin Parina 

Nickname: SuperFly, JP 

I was introduced to boxing when I was 7 years old by my eldest brother, Cedric Parina, who also competed in boxing. He would occasionally take me to the gym to drain my high energy. I was always athletic and played on many team sports. I was looking to engage myself into a new sport that is less team based and more individual. I was already introduced to boxing so I took brought my basic skills and started training seriously the age of 15. A couple months later, I had my first fight at my first tournament and won by 2nd round TKO and won gold. 

2019 Pan American Games – Top 9 





The Eddie Melo Legacy Organization is a helpful organization that reaches out to young and many great talents in boxing to support them as an athlete. In my case, the Eddie Melo Legacy Organization aided myself by giving me an amazing opportunity to train alongside the high-performance athletes in the CNAR National Athletic Center in Mexico City, in preparation to the 2019 Pan American Qualifiers in Nicaragua 

My ultimate goal is to complete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, win the gold medal and stand on the podium.

Unknown fun facts about me: I love Keeping Up with the Kardashians and super long walks on the beach


Faith Rego


Do not have one (yet)

Why did you get into boxing:

My family has been apart of the boxing industry for several years now. I had the privilege of growing up in the gym. Although my love for boxing was not always 100%, I would participate in our (HUF GYM’s) Free Youth Camp every year, I took classes, and would always do other boxing related workouts, here and there. In 2016 I started to really develop a passion for boxing. I started training seriouslyin December 2017 for my first fight at the Brampton Cup in February 2018. 

What have you achieved through boxing so far:

I am a…

2018 Brampton Cup Silver Medallist 

2018 Ontario Winter Games Gold Medallist 

2018 Silver Gloves Gold Medallist 

(After 6 fights I had upgraded to Open Class)

2018 Golden Gloves Silver Medallist 

2019 Brampton Cup Gold Medallist 

2019 Junior 57kg Gold Medallist at Nationals

What are your thoughts about being a part of Team EMLO:

I am so blessed to be apart of Team EMLO. I will continue to give glory to God for where I am today and for the opportunity’s he has blessed me with, including allowing me to be apart of Team EMLO. Team EMLO is absolutely amazing in all that they do, and I am grateful that they are helping us fighters get to the next level. I know they will continue to help us grow as athletes and as people. Thank you Team EMLO.

What are your ultimate goals:

My ultimate goal is to be a 2x Olympic Gold Medallist and World Champion. Those will continue to be my goals, as i continue to work for them.

3 unknown fun facts about yourself:

•I teach boxing at HUF GYM.

•I am a very funny/sarcastic person after getting to know me.

•I have 5 siblings